Consux - Business, Consulting WordPress Theme

Welcome! Firstly, We would like to thank you for purchasing Consux WordPress theme! In the following sections we will explain how to set up and use Consux theme follow the easiest way possible. Although there are a lot of things written in this documentation, the theme itself is not hard to use. You can go to the Theme Options page and explore everything yourself. This file is more of a reference if you do not know what to do, or if you are not familiar with WordPress.

WordPress Information

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. If you need help installing WordPress, follow the instructions in WordPress Codex. Below are all the useful links for WordPress information.


Theme Requirements

To use Consux, please make sure you are running WordPress 4.1 or higher, PHP 5.3 or higher, and MySQL 5.6 or higher. We have tested it with Mac, Windows and Linux. Besides, please check the recommended server configuration for proper theme functioning:

Minimum server configuration

Recommended server configuration

Included Files

The download package ( that you get from ThemeForest contains the following files and folder:


Plugins Licenses

There are two premium plugins are bundled with Consux and do not require additional licensing in order to use with Consux. They are WPBakery Page Builder and Revolution Slider plugins. We purchased them from and included them in the theme package. We are not allowed to include the license key for each of them. If there is any update, we are accountable for updating the theme with the newest version of plugins. In fact, the license key will not help you anything even updating plugins to the newest version. Only direct buyers can do this. Because we provide those with the themes; therefore, we will take care of updating them for our customers. Just take a look at the link by the author of plugins to see more.

We will keep the plugins up - to - date.

Common Questions

I see messages require me to enter the license key to active WPBakery Page Builder and Revoltion Slider plugins

In fact, this these plugins reuqire license key to active the automatic update feature. Once you activated them in the Plugins menu, they are fully ready to use. You can ignore those messages.

How dow I update the premium plugins

Consux does include updates for our premium plugins (Revolution Slider and WPBakery Page Builder). However, this does not mean that you will receive an individual license for these premium plugins. Due to Envato’s licensing rules, we can only issue updates for these plugins when we issue a theme update. This also ensures that we fully test the plugin to make sure there are no critical bugs that will conflict with our own update.

Install Theme

Download Theme

There are two ways you can install the Consux theme. You can choose to install it via FTP, which is what will be outlined in this article, or via WordPress. Before you can install Consux, please download the necessary theme files from ThemeForest first.

If this is your first time downloading the theme from ThemeForest, we recommend downloading the Full Theme Package to receive additional files such as exported sliders, child theme, documentation. If you’ve already downloaded the Full Packages, then you can just use the WordPress Installable File.

Donwload theme


Install Theme

After you download the package from ThemeForest, please unzip it. You'll see a file called, which is the main file needed to upload and install.

You can either choose to upload and installl the theme using WordPress theme install or use FTP function.


Install via WordPress site

Step 1 – Navigate to Appearance > Themes.

Step 2 – Click the Add New button on top of the page, then the Upload Theme button.

Step 3 – Click Choose File and find the theme files you've just downloaded. If you’ve downloaded the installable WordPress file, then you do not need to unzip the file. If you’ve downloaded the Full Theme Package, you have to unzip the master file, therein you will see a secondary file, this is the one you select to install.

Step 4 - Click the Install Now button.

Step 5 – When upload and installation progresses are completed, click Activate, or go to Appearance > Themes and activate the Consux theme.


Install via FTP

If you get any fail when install theme by Wordpress install function, we recommend to use FTP.

Step 1 - If you have downloaded the Full Theme Package from ThemeForest, please unzip the package file to get the theme file Unzip the file, you'll get a folder Consux.

Step 2 - Use a FTP client like FileZilla and upload the extracted folder to wp-content/themes folder on your host

Step 3 - Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Themes and clicking the Activate button of the Consux theme.



1. "Are you sure you want to do this?" error

If you get the “Are You Sure You Want To Do This” message when installing file via WordPress, it means you have an upload file size limit that is set by your host. If this happens, please install the theme via FTP or contact your hosting company and ask them to increase the limit.


2. Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet error

A common issue that can occur when installing a WordPress themes is “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” error message being displayed when uploading or activating the theme. One of the reasons you may receive this error is if you have uploaded the incorrect file. You have 2 options for downloading your theme


Install Plugins

After installing the Consux theme, you'll see a notification in the top of the page that says the theme needs some plugins to function properly.


Required Plugins

- Required plugins are very important and must be installed and activated at all times for Consux to work properly. The Consux theme requires following plugins


Recommended Plugins

- Recommended plugins which are plugins that we use in our demos and are fully integrated with Consux. You can choose not to install these plugins if you’re not going to use them. The Consux theme recommends following plugins:

Consux is working perfectly with these plugins. It automatically adds more styles to them to make the design match the theme.



Failed to install/activate some plugins.

- Sometimes, the download process failed on some hostings and some files are not downloaded. Therefore, you can't active it. Please navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins and delete those plugins. Then install them again.


Import Demo

The theme supply the plugin 'Consux Demo Importer' that helps you select homepages, import their datas and make your site same with our demos. Please check the following steps to know the way using this plugin.


Config Elementor

Default Elementor set max width of container is 1140px. To make it same with boostrap container so we need to change it to 1170px.

In wp-admin page go to Elementor -> Settings -> Style tab. In Content Width settings set to 1170

Setting Elementor


Config WooCommerce

This step prepare for WooCommerce pages.

Config Image size

WooCommerce has settings for image sizes in Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Images.

Main image width: 570
Thumbnail width: 370
Thumbnail cropping: Custom (370x419)

woo image settings

Config product show on shop page

Go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Catalog to set number of product show on per row and number of row show on shop page

Products per row: 3
Rows per page: 2

woo shop settings


Before Importing

Before you import any of our available demos, please make sure to check the items listed below. All of these are important and will ensure that your demo import goes smoothly. In case something does go wrong with your demo import, please see the Troubleshooting section below.


Import Demo Data

Once you’ve checked all requirements and ensure everything is ok, it's time to begin:

Step 1 - Downnload and install the plugin Consux Demo Importer or you can find it in theme package -> Plugins forder. It is a required plugin if you want to enable the "One Click Import Demo" feature.

Step 2 - Navigate to Appearance > Import Demo Data, select what demo you want to import and click Import button.

Step 3 - It can take a few minutes to import everything. Please be patient and wait for it to complete. During the import process, you will see the message logs to know what is going on.



I don't see Import Demo Data menu

This feature requires you to install an additional plugin Soo Demo Importer. Please make sure you finised the Step 1 above.

I stuck at the importing screen

Mostly, this issue comes from the hosting configuration. Please place a ticket on our support system. Our developer will help you check it.

Where are other sliders

When you select to import a demo, it will import the slider of the selected demo only. If you want to have other slider, you can found all exported slider in the theme package. It locates in folder Consux Package/Demo Data/Sliders. You can import them all to your site manually.

Demo content duplicated

When you import our demo content, it can take several minutes depending on the speed of your server. Each time the button is clicked it will import the content, so if it is clicked twice it will import everything two times. There are two ways to get rid of duplicate content.

Consux has 3 WordPress Menu locations:


Setting Menu


Consux comes with a really comprehensive set of easy to use Theme Options. In wp-admin page you can go to Appearance -> Theme Options to access Theme Options page. The Theme Options classify into 9 tabs:


General Tab

Contains the global settings use in theme

404 Page Settings

Contains the settings for 404 page


Header Tab

Contains the settings apply on header section


Page Title Tab

Contains the settings for page title section


Blog Tab

Contains the settings for blog and single post


WooCommerce Tab

Contains the settings for WooCommerce pages


Typography Tab

Contains the settings to change typo for elements


Layout Tab

Contains the settings to change layout for pages.


Footer Tab

Contains the settings for footer section


Import/ Export Tab

Import and Export theme options data

Elementor is the best WordPress Page Builder, with over 2000000 active installs. Create beautiful websites using a simple, intuitive drag and drop Interface. You can explorer a tons of widget available in Elementor in: Elementor Documentation

Beside that, the Consux inclulded many custom magic widgets also:

Elementor widgets


Enable Elementor for custom post types

Default, Elementor eneables for page only. You can go to wp-admin-> Elementor-> Settings-> General tab. In this page go to Post Types settings, it list all the post types exist in theme and you can enable Elementor for them by mark on it then Save Changes

Enable Elementor for custom post types

Setup Language

WordPress makes it super-easy to change the language on your website. Simply go to Settings > General in your WordPress dashboard, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will see the option to select Site language.


If you do not see your language in the list, this does not mean that it is not available or that you can not use it. We will show you how to manually install language packs in WordPress.

Manually Installing WordPress Translation Files For Other Languages

WordPress uses a gettext system for translations (localization and internationalization). Volunteer users from around the world use a main .pot template file to translate WordPress in their languages. This results into two files for each language. Portable Object format file with .po extension, and Machine Object file with .mo extension. You will need a .mo file for your language.

Go to the WordPress translation teams page to see if there is a WordPress translation available for your language.


Next, click on the percentage value to see the status of the translation progress in your language and then click on current WordPress version.

You will now reach GlotPress, which is a web based app used by WordPress team to manage and translate WordPress projects.

Once there, you need to scroll down to the bottom until you see the export section. In the dropdown, select Machine Object Message Catalog (.mo) and then click on Export link.



Repeat the process above and select Portable Object Message Catalog (.po) and then click on the Export link.

After downloading and unzipping the language pack on your computer, you will need to connect to your website using an FTP client. Once connected, upload the language files to /wp-content/languages folder.

After you’re done uploading the file, return to the WordPress admin area. Go to Settings » General page and scroll down to site language option. You can now select the language you just uploaded because it will appear under installed languages.


Translate Your Website

In order to translate your website completele, there are things you need to translate:

There are two ways to translate themes and plugins on your website: Using plugins or Poedit. In next articles we will how you how to use them.


Using Loco Translate Plugin

The easiest way to translate your theme is using the Loco Translate plugin.

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for plugin “Loco Translate”
  3. Install and Activate the plugin.
  4. After Activation locate Loco Translate

Loco Translate plugin has it own a short tutorial for beginner. Please take a look at it here.


Translate Consux Theme

Setup Poco


translate text

There are 3 ways to update your theme: use Envato Market Plugin for automatic theme updates or manual update the theme via FTP or WordPress.

After updating the theme, all your content such as pages, options, images and posts will not be lost or erased by doing this. However, any customizations to the theme’s core files, such as PHP files, language files will be lost. So you need to the child theme to customize the theme and backup the lang file if you translated the theme.


Method 1: Automatic Updates

The Envato Market plugin can install WordPress themes and plugins purchased from ThemeForest & CodeCanyon by connecting with the Envato Market API using a secure OAuth personal token. Once your themes & plugins are installed WordPress will periodically check for updates, so keeping your items up to date is as simple as a few clicks.


Method 2: Manual Update Via WordPress



Method 3: Manual Update Via FTP